From The Hash Gods

Hello Fellow Hashers!

OK, up front I apologize for the email, but I have had scores of hashers bend my ear about this issue for a couple years now and I think it needs to be addressed to the entire hash world.

First, and are not commercial sites and are not-for-profit.  Neither are currently under my good friend Ra as webmaster, GoToTheHash, and a bunch of other hash sites out there, many of the server providing hashes free webspace.  So why are you using commercial websites or hash website written on commercial software with security back doors such as myspace, facebook, hashspace, etc.?  Who pays for Global Trash Services on the internet such as a free directory, free photo albums, etc.?  You did.  You bought the books and magazines that are sold for one profit motive – to pay for the websites and provide hashers and even virgins with information about the Hash House Harriers and YOUR HASH.  You made donations to Global Trash through the marketplace donation site.  Better that, than to suffer spam, spiders, personal information phishing, etc.  And yes, occasionally when you did not help me enough, I paid.  But you always come through when needed.  In fact, some of you are buying the new hynmnal, mini-hymnal and Hash Bible editions just made available at marketplace this week.  Some of you are subscribing to the magazines.  I have received over a thousand dollars in donations in the last decade, mostly one dollar at a time from hashes and hashers.  Thanks!

Me and other hashers have been repeatedly (sometimes several times weekly) been sent emails asking me to go to a commercial website or a website run by commercial software on a commercial server to see photos of events (,,, et. al).  These invitations are sent to me for publishing in Global Trash magazine, InterHASHional News, or the on-line Global Notes.  I won’t do that.  Many other hashers around the world won’t do that, so quit sending these childish invitations inviting us to one commercial server after another, some invitations like HashSpace expire if we do not respond to your DEMAND immediately.  We are not in high school, You are not part of some Hash IN-CROWD, I don’t need a private juvenile invitation to see a hash website or photo album.  Myself and other fellow hashers like yourself provide hash websites free without all that juvenile bullshit.  Myself and many other hashers do not access commercial websites such as, Yahoo, Hotmail, Facebook, MySpace, etc.  If you wish to send Global Trash some photos, please send them by email or put them on a non-commercial website or in the photo album provided free to hashes on a dedicated HASH SERVER built by hashers, not commercial software, called Visual OnSec (, secure, log in password protected.

Yes, my fellow hashers, is commercial software on a commerical server with all the possibility of backdoors, spamming and security problems that entails (it may not be used now, but who knows when or if it has), so I will not go there and neither will many of your fellow hashers for that reason and because this private invitation system is so unhash like as to be snobbish in many of our opinions.  So quit asking us to go to Yahoo, Hotmail,, etc. if we want to see your hash photos and trashes. Yes, you may not be paying for it directly, but you will eventually have to pay for putting your stuff on there one way or another.  Even if you don’t realize it is happening, then you apparently don’t get your emails with phishing files attached like I have from you every day.  It is a proven fact in the news media that sites like, and others will sell your information to spammers and advertisers and some put phishing files on your computers because you trust them too much and let them do it. Global Trash never has, never will and it is dedicated to be a truly free, not for profit, secure service to the hash.  So why are you putting your important hash information and private photos on those commercial servers?

If you want your hash photos protected by password on a free hash server and not on a commercial server, see me.  ZiPpY, myself, and many other hash website owners have been providing hashes free space for their hash websites for over a decade, so why are you going on these commercial servers?  Some hashes have lost their websites on these servers when the companies went out of business or crashed their sites without backup.  I now provide free back up to all sites so no disaster will cause them to ‘disappear’ despite some of the rotten apples we have in the hash always trying to make others look bad.

You can easily put unlimited photos on free, the oldest hashspace in the Hash House Harriers, for your hash using a Visual OnSec account and not fear it is on commercially written software.  There are no security back doors, no advertising, nobody will sell your email address, it is for hashers only and it was not written or sold as commercial software (which was not written by hashers and we don’t know their intentions for your data).  What is even better, about 23,000 hashers +/- have log in member access to your photos without some childish myspace/facebook invitation system (you can be my hash friend, no you cannot be my hash friend or in my in-crowd – that’s not hash tradition).  All members are hashers just like yourself and the information requires log in by Global Key, the oldest hash site security system requiring user id and password protection of important hash information.  Also, your contact details can be as private or public as you choose them to be simply by a series of check boxes.

Who wrote the websites and software of, and  A hasher with 21 years professional programming experience did, not some commercial entity with their possible backdoors and phishing motives for your data.  Who has managed to survive repeated intrusion and request for service attacks from the hash hackers who support these commercial sites vying for your personal data, we have.

Pretty soon, probably by January, the personal websites which are on, will have open enrollment again on, again a hasher written website on a dedicated hash server, not commercial.  Like the first 395 hashers who first used this service for their personal hash websites did since 2003, you can have a personal hash website for your own with dedicated website (now on instead of, blogs, photo albums, a hash journal.  It is not for profit, proven, no backdoors or spam spiders that possibly exist in some commercially produced website software such as and backed by Global Trash that has been around for seventeen years, on the web as the first major website and rated number one in the search engines.

The of you who satisfy your cravings for new lyrics by buying the new hymnals, magazines and Hash Bible, the sooner I can afford the space to put everyone on the servers.

Thanks for your support.  Without you, these 17 years of Global Trash, the oldest surviving international Hash House Harriers publisher in the world, could not have made it.

Cheers and On On
Stray Dog

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