Shiggy De Mayo 2010 – The Immigrant Experience Through The History of Mexican Beer

Dearest Wankers and Wankeets and all paisas,

Your Huichol Indian-Mexican-Irish-Spanish-English-French-Austrian-immigrant BH3 Hashers Gabby aka Sotomywhore, Willing But Not Abel and Diablower aka F’ckn Jose invite you to the 2010 Shiggy de Mayo Hash.  This run is commemorating the defeat of the French Imperial Army by a militia of Mexican Indians at the Battle of Puebla in 1862 – the last time Mexicans won a battle in war – but then again who hasn’t beat the French in battle.

Linda Adelita

This Hash will provide insight into the contemporary Mexican immigrant experience through an exploration of the history of Mexican Beer and the many challenges faced by immigrants coming to los Estites Nites to get jobs to pay for said beer.

A true Mexican immigrant experience, expect a tumultuous 4.2 mile run through all manner of siggy (bring your tube socks).  The run will include a freeway dash, fence jumps and water feature crossings and secret meetings in deep canyons under cover of dense forest.

Not for the faint of spirit, participation in this event is confined to people of good humor and those ready to party.  Typical of any Mexican event (besides the beer) you can expect good food (Gabby gourmet faire), musica (Rancheras – extolling the virtues of Guanajuato and Zacatecas) and capacious amounts of inappropriate banter.   If you can handle the stress of a good Hash, cerveza, good food, beer, and in general a good time (did I mention cerveza) then you are welcome to attend.  On the other hand if you can’t handle the coming fiesta you can just stay home wallowing alone in your tea party of disperse.

Click for Shiggy de Mayo Pics

Date/Time: Monday, May 3rd, 2010 – Regular time 6:30 pm

Location: Rio Bravo de San Felipe, Alta Califas, Aztlan also known as Kern River, Bakersfield, Kern County California, USA

Directions: The start and on after for this Hash is adjacent to Derrel’s Mini Storage located at the bottom of the hill off Alfred Harrell Hwy and Panorama Drive and Bakersfield College.  From Bakersfield take Hwy 178 east, get off at Mt Vernon Ave and go north (left) take the road about two miles past Bakersfield college where it turns into Alfred Harrell Hwy.  Go down the hill and turn left towards Oildale.  Pass Derrel’s Mini Storage and turn left, go south along the road.

Cost: The “coyote” fee for this event is $9 or $123 Pesos MXN, which besides cerveza will also include the “On After” feast of Gabby’s Tacos, rice, beans and Salsa a la Zacatecas.

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