The “We Are All Going To Die” – July 4th BH3 Float Down The Killer Kern Run

Killer Kern takes three people in three days
KGET 17, CA – Jun 29, 2008

… the swift rapids of the killer Kern. Crews are also still searching for the second victim, a Glendale man swept away in the river yesterday afternoon….(Not to worry these were all Mexicans so don’t figure on seeing Sperma or Diablower/F*cn Jose on this run)..

Feeling bored? Tired? Run down? Do you find fireworks on July 4th so lame now in these bore-ass, PC, police-state times that they’re not even worth bothering with anymore? Well then, I suggest you put a little spark in your life and tempt fate by tubing down the Killer Kern River with Diamond Dick this July 4th.

TIME: July 4, 12:00 noon sharp
PLACE: Sherriff’s Pistol Range, in Hart Park
BRING: $4, sunscreen, sandals or shoes
RSVP: REQUIRED!! by noon Thursday 7/3

We will meet at the Sherriff’s Pistol Range parking area in Hart Park at
12:00. There, we’ll rub lotion of some sort all over each other –
preferably, some of it will actually be sunscreen – then pack into a few
cars for the drive short drive upstream to the put-in spot at Rancheria
Road. The float will take about 2-1/2 hours. There will be beer and an
inner tube for you. You will be home in plenty of time to blow up your
crumb crunchers Friday evening.

But to participate, you MUST reply indicating you will be there. We
need an accurate head count for tubes. This applies even to those who
were at the 6/30 run. Please respond no later than noon Thursday, 7/3,
if you plan to float. Reply to this e-mail, or call me at 763-6320
(work) or 834-3522 (home).

P.S. At the run 6/23, we voted to do the float on Saturday 7/5. There
was a different mix of people at last night’s run and the clear majority
there wanted to do it Friday July 4. Apologies to anyone this


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