Emeritus, Superintendent of Stools Westchester X-Mas PJ Phopia Run and Harrie the Harrier Lama

Harrie the Hasher Lama at down downA great time was had by all on our West”Chest Her” X-Mas lights run. We were honored by the presence of “Just Two” a BH3 Hasher to has had a temporary residence in Mt Vernon H3 in Virginia.  Just Two is a fitting name given that is the exact number of Hashes he has had with us here at BH3.  Harrie the Harrier lama joined us for a second evening and took an unnatural liking to our so-called hare for the evening Superintendent of Stools, Emeritus.  Given what we saw of Harrie Bring-em couldn’t win that battle.  Bestiality’s best boys!!! Bestiality’s best boys!!!!


Superintendent of Stools and Bring’em Young will interrupt their retirement bliss long enough to crawl out of their Lazy-Boys and lead us on the Analyule Westchester Christmas Lights run on Monday, Dec. 10, at 6:30 p.m.Harrie the Hasher and Stools

Dress code for this event – either a) dress up as an elf or a snowman or some such winter-themed shit, or b) wear your PJs. And no, Limp, if you sleep in the buff, this is not an invitation to hash in the buff.

Trail will start from Jastro Park, off Truxtun Ave. ~ 1/4 mile east of Oak St. We’ll meet at the band shell on the west side of the park, on Elm St. midway between Truxtun and 18th St. Bring $4 and a flashlight, and be prepared to feast on schnapps and PBR. Who could ask for more on a cold winter night?

Wankers a few weeks ago at the on after DiaBlower did the fashion phopaw of cumming into Rustys on Rosedale wearing his comfy cotton thick (as his d$@k) pajamas. Upon seeing this Stools all but had a turd the size of Brigum Young’s propensity to tell tales of all booby blonde’s he rescued from burns from Starbuck Lattes. Witnessed by Cums to quickly she pants poor Diablower right there in between beer. To celebrate Stool’s fascination with the offending sleep wear everyone is invited to attend Monday’s December 10th run in your worst Christmas morning jamies.

On On


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