Holy Sh*t!! SLOH3 “Break your Resolutions” 100th run!


For those if you interested in cumming down and hanging out with us in January 12 for our 100th, we now have an officially unofficial Hash Hotel.

San Luis Obispo Travelodge
345 Marsh Street
Higuera and Archer St.
Phn- 805.543.6443

I think it’s like $95 a room but if we book 5 they’ll knock it down to $85.00. It’s literally downtown so if you can just walk your drunk a** back to your room with little to no fear of a DUI. Unless your a big drunk guy from Santa Barbara and you decide to pick fights in the middle of the street…….you’re on your own at the point.

http://www.sloh3.com for registration and Hotel info.

On-on Wanks!! Hope to see some of you there.

Matzo Balls


Holy Sh*t!! It seems like it was just yesterday that I was begging and pleading with everyone up and down the state to PLEASE come to our One Year Analversary. Now check it out, almost three years later we are turning 100!!

I’m ver klempt!!SLO Shit Faced 3

With that said this is your official invite to join us on January 12th for the SLOH3 “Break your Resolutions” 100th run!

So here is a brief breakdown of what is happening.

Meeting at Spikes 570 Higuera St at 1:00 pm.

Only $25.00 for this one day event and that includes all the frosty beer you can drink, an 8 course meal, (o.k., dinner may not be 8 courses, but you won’t go away hungry) a goody bag, and a t-shirt, (because we can all use another Hash T-shirt) and depending on who you sleep with a scorching case of herpes. (for an extra $5 I’ll tell you who to avoid)

The t-shirts are in limited supply so if you know you are going to cum, then go to http://www.sloh3.com and click on the link for the information. Send a check in to the address and presto, you’re pre-registered. If you don’t pre-register we can’t guarantee you a shirt…sorry.

You’ll have to do a print screen and write small for the flyer because I’m still a moron and don’t know how to put PDF’s on our website.

O.K., hope you all can make it January 12!! It’s been a great couple of years and I would personally like to catch up with some of you.

Take care and have a great Holiday Season!!!


Matzo Balls


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