Terrorist Hash Wankers Have California Connection

I know Ahhhh Tounge (one of the New Haven Two) I was on her naming commitee. (ya know, she is German….Ach Tung! Ahhhh Tounge……..Do I have to explain everything?)

Santa Barbara is her home hash. Her brother and her were trying to start a Hash group in New Haven and this was officially their 4th trail. I got a couple of e-mails from her and she is kind of bummed but keeping her chin up.

I’ve been in contact with some people out there and there are starting a legal defense fund. When I have more information I’ll forward it and if anyone wants to make a donation they can. There is a petition going around that has almost 2300 signatures on it already. If everyone on the list gave like $5.00 each it might help.

or not….I dunno.

Crazy stuff. Bummer part is I had to cancel my “come as your favorite terrorist” Hash next Thursday.

Matzo Balls


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