Free the IKEA 2 – Sissy furniture company files felony charges against brother Hashers

Doc.Salchow the face of a terrorist

Doc Salchow and his sister, Dorothee (Ahhhh Tounge-<Their German>Santa Barbara is her home hash), planned to spend a pleasant afternoon marking a trail for fellow members of their offbeat running and drinking club. Instead, they wound up in police custody after their clue of choice — flour — set off a bioterrorism scare and forced hundreds of people to evacuate an Ikea furniture store on Thursday. Jessica Mayorga, a spokeswoman for Mayor John DeStefano Jr., said “You see powder connected by arrows and chalk, you never know”.

Dr. Salchow and his wife recently moved to New Haven, where he works with needy children through a Yale University program….The dude is even F**kn respectable..he is a frikin professor at Yale University….good going IKEA we have to keep those Doctors working with needy children off the streets, can’t have any poor kids be getting well so their parents can afford real furniture.


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“pathetic..we have truely become a pussy nation….brainlessly over policed.” HASH HOUSE HARRIERS GO TO JAIL! 8/25/2007 8:22PM – in reply to mike fanelli

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