Sept 27 Hash

The air quality is improving, so the show must go on. The Sept 27 trail will start from Wilson Park. Meet in the parking lot at the SE corner of the park at 6:30. Map to the start location at this link:

Butthook will be the hare, and he promises to reload the hash stash with recognizable but disreputable beer. Bring $5 for cod beer and $hitsnacks, and leave your manners at home. It’s getting dark pretty early now, so the pack will be off at 6:45. And bring a fleshlight.


Re-Hash Hash – Pre Rock Hard Hash 2021

Think it was good the first time. Well you’re invited to Cum twice. Last week Diablower laid such an awesome trail that the wankers who did cum, just couldn’t stand how good the first half was and had to cut the hash short. Tomorrow, Sept 20, 2021 however we’re going to do the WHOLE run.

Two-miles, two beer checks through the streets, freeways, hills, creeks, homeless camps and open art street art exhibits of the dale. Meet at Ward/Lisle St off Norris and Roberts Ln. 6:30pm, $5. Starting to get dark bring a fleshlight.