St. Patty’s Hash – March 16

It’s time for the analyule Wearin’ of the Green!

Horse Cock Sally demands your presence for this epic event.

All attendees are STRONGLY advised to wear green. Those who don’t comply with this edict will be subject to discipline at the hands of Diamond Dick – and he gets to choose the punishment. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!!

Jabba the Slut redux rrrn Monday 3/9/2020

Better little late than never. Diablower is going to take over where last week’s hare left off. Full Moon, Day Light Savings Time, Post Erection Hash Ohh let’s just call it the Jabba the Slut redux rrrn Monday 3/9/2020. Meet in the Rear of Albertsons off Coffee and Stockdale by Cal State. Where it’s going from here no one knows, not even the hare. One bar stop for sure so let’s make it $6 bucks for the night. Regular time 6 dirty, bring flesh lights there might be siggie (we don’t know yet). A newbee with nice firm or floppy boobies would be nice. On On

March 2 Hash

D’OH! Apparently the first BH3 COVID-19 victim is our hare for tonight, Jabba the Slut. SOOO…. a change in plans is in order.

We will do a blind hare trail tonight instead. Meet at the bandshell in Jastro Park, on Elm St. between Truxtun and 18th. Map to the start location at this link:

Meeting at the normal time 6:30 pm. Bring the usual $5 for the usual dose of substandard beer and the usual assortment of shitsnacks.