November 15 Hash

The Nov 15 hash will start from Centennial Park. Meet at 6:30 p.m. in the parking lot on Marella Way near the basketball court. Map to the park at this link:

Hillbilly Monk will be the hare. He requests you bring “lowest expectations possible, $5, flashlight, virgins and new song ideas.” Trail will be ~3 miles with 2 beer checks.


Nov 8 Hash

What’s the best way to shake off the funk resulting from early darkness due to the time change? C’mon, man, you know the answer. A pub crawl in Oildale, of course.

Uniboner has volunteered to lead us on this barhop. Meet at the Highland Café at SW corner of N Chester Ave and China Grade Loop at 6:30 p.m. Map to the Highland at this link:

Bring $5 for beer and $hitty snacks. And bring an ID, unless you’re a grizzled old fart like Diamond Dick or Diablower.


November 1 Hash

Well, Mother Nature dealt a knockout blow last Monday, so we have to dust ourselves off and get back in the game. The Nov. 1 hash will start from the Cancer Survivors plaza in Beach Park. Map to the start location at this link:

Meet up at 6:30. Bring $5 for the usual assortment of cheap beers and $hitty snacks. The trail will be fairly short so we should be finished reasonably early. It’s getting dark pretty early now, so be sure to bring a fleshlight.