Chat GPT: write a poem about beer Bakersfield and hash house harriers

Bakersfield, beer, and hash house harriers,
A trifecta of fun, a true treasure.

We gather on Monday nights,
With our running shoes and thirst for delights.
Through the streets we chase the hare,
Laughter and camaraderie our only care.

With each step we leave our worries behind,
As we explore the city with a free and open mind.
And when the run is done, we raise a glass,
Toasting to the miles we’ve passed.

Bakersfield beer flows freely,
As we share stories and memories.
With the hash house harriers, we are family,
Bound by our love for running and the brewery.

So here’s to Bakersfield, beer, and the hash,
May our runs and our friendship forever last.

CU All at Cock-a-dial’s Cheese Head Hash 2023

Monday Jan 30, 2023 – 6:30pm – $5
Bring a newbie