2022 Red Dress Run

The event you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. The analyule BH3 Red Dress Run will be on Monday, July 4, so you have double the reason to celebrate. And to add to the excitement, this year’s pub crawl will be in the Dale. Should be interesting.

Meet at the Highland Café at the SW corner of N. Chester Ave. and China Grade Loop. Park in the lot on the north side of the building. Map to the start location at this link: https://goo.gl/maps/7hQphCdLt3A5BPUr5

Get to the start by 6:30 for ceremonial sploogies. Pack will be off at 6:45. Bring $10 for sploogies, assorted $hitsnacks and the best sights, smells and beer that Oildale has to offer.