Christmas Lights Hash 2020

Bah, humbug! The Analyule Haggin Oaks Christmas Lights Hash will be this cumming Monday, December 21. So get out your best/worst Christmas garb and decorate yourself in a manner befitting the occasion. Then, show up at 6:30 for choir practice, where we will gargle some of Diamond’s awesome (?) Christmas sploogies to prime our vocal chords before invading stately Haggin Oaks and serenading the unsuspecting denizens with our perverted Hashmas carols.

Meet at 6:30 in the parking lot on the north side of the Kaiser Permanente medical office at the NE corner of Ming Ave. and Haggin Oaks Blvd. The beer sleigh will be off at 7:00, piloted by Diamond the Red-Assed reindeer. Map to the start location at this link:

We usually see a lot of AWOL hashers at this run, so be prepared to greet them with warm sploogies and heartfelt insults.

Bring $5 for this Hashmas event. Song sheets will be provided. Bring a fleshlight so you can see the words and slur your way through each song in the customary pathetic manner of the BH3 choir.