BHHH No Hash Runs March 23 or March 30

I just personally spoke with Governor Newsom & he said "You must’ve missed the part where I said Hashing IS an essential part of our Local, State, National and International Infrastructure dumbass, now quit calling me with stupid questions and go drink PBR before the brewery runs out"….DD

On Sun, Mar 22, 2020 at 12:00 PM ‘Dave Mut’ dmut [BHHH] <BHHH-noreply> wrote:

We will not have Hash trails on March 23 or March 30. This is for our own good as well as that of our fellow citizens. We are part of a larger of a community – a disreputable part, perhaps, but still a part. As such, we need to carry out our civic responsibilities and refrain from gathering for a little while.

We can assess the situation in Bako and Kern County in a couple weeks and determine whether it is OK to resume hashing. In the meantime, be smart, stay safe, and continue to bolster the economy by drinking massive quantities of beer.