#ONON Red Dress Run June 24

The analyule BH3 Red Dress Run will be Monday, June 24. So dive into the deepest, darkest recesses of your closets (and your psyches) and put together a memorable ensemble for this gayla. Then come downtown and strut your bad self all over downtown Bako in all your finery on our traditional pub crawl. Extra points if you can make an unsuspecting civilian gag over your hideousness.

Meet at 6:15 at the NW corner of 21st and Eye streets. We will try to get the pub crawl started as close to 6:30 as possible so we can finish at a reasonable time. Map to the start location at this link: https://goo.gl/maps/wtkhgPsNv2B1z1Rt9 Bring $10 for the usual pre- and post-run garbage and cold beer. And maybe your ID for the pub crawl.

As usual, Diamond Dick will hare this extravagina. And as usual, we will pre-game with his patented green sploogies. He is already hard at work preparing the green sploogies, as evidenced below.

Good luck to us all.