#OnOn It’s Twue It’s Twue!!! Horsecock Sally is going to have a “Huge Trail”

Cum on all you waskaly rabbits , to horsecocks side of town . Lots of beer , safety meetings and eggs. . Can you find the eggs on this easter hunt trail ? No need to travel to an ON after, since we make you drive so far might as well feed ya 🙃. Bbq. Tacos , ill think of other kinds of food . .. if you want to bring a dish you are more than welcome to, not required.

Lots of shiggy, it’s not dog friendly since we do have coyotes and strays out where we will be running and lots of stickers . I mean you can bring your dog if they arnt pussys lol. .

Brink $7

5818 south Fairfax rd Bakersfield ca 93307. Big barn , cant miss it . Pull to the back of the barn please.