BHHH April 23 Hash Run

Crap I just booked a flight & bought 69 AR-15’s to trade for Sex at Hilliary’s new Kiddie Porn Palace in Italy, now what do I do ?

On Mon, Apr 23, 2018 at 11:16 AM, ‘Dave Mut’ dmut [BHHH] <BHHH-noreply> wrote:

The map link in the original notice for the April 23 trail is wrong. It sends you to some family amusement center in Italy – possibly a new location for Hillary Clinton’s child sex-trafficking ring? PUT AWAY YOUR AR-15s!! DON’T GO THERE!!!

Instead, go this this park in southwest Bako, on Laurelglen Blvd. west of Gosford Road:

Same Bat-time (6:30), same Bat-cost ($5), same Bat-beer (PBR), and same Batshit crazies (BH3).