#OnON It was a dark and shiggy hash.

Mt East Bakersfield

On Sun, Dec 3, 2017 at 8:53 PM, Hash Mail <mailbh3> wrote:

From his perch atop Mt East Bakersfield, FAG contemplated the whine howls to cum from @bh3onon Wankers and Harriett’s to dumb from crappy beer to stay home and drink by the farm heater. Satisfied of the pain he planned to bestow on the unsuspected he went home to his lovely squeeze to await the next days cummings.

Event: Mt East Bakersfield Dark and Shiggy Hash

Date: Monday 12/4/17 – 6:30pm

Location: 3609 Balvicar Drive – East Bakersfield. Take 178 to Fairfax, Go south about a ½ mile, turn left (east) on Newquest Dr.

Cost: $5.00 plus some of your pride.