May Day 2017 – Resist Crappy Runs Hash

Wankers there is much that divides society on this day. Red-Blue, Blue-Grey, Red-White-Blue vs Red-Green-White, Taste Great – Less Filling. We must as a Hash resist these forces and focus on what unites Hashers around the world. BEER – Crappy Beer, Craft & Corporate. Mexican, Polish, English, American and more. Beer is blessed by the Catholic Church and was revered by the Egyptian Pharaohs.

So wankers and not, after a day or marching cum join us for our May Day Hash 2017

Event: May Day – Resist Crappy Runs Hash 2017
Hare: CFT
Location: Yokuts Park
Time: 6:30 pm
Cost $5

At this time lets all take a moment and reflect on the words of our Male, White, Anglo Saxon founders.

Our Creed
The World Harrier Organization is dedicated to harriers and harrier groups around the world who usually practice the traditional sport of hare and hounds, where:

⋄ A well laid trail is at least as important as any social activity.

⋄ The traditional practice is the hounds (runners) chasing a hare or hares (runner or runners) laying a live trail, though a few groups may at times pre-lay trail taking the sport out of it, but making up for it with social activity along the trail.

⋄ Members are friendly to all and remember that it is all about fun!

⋄ Members do not judge others by anything more than their sense of humor.

⋄ Members make older members feel like they are young again.

⋄ Members do not seriously humiliate nor demand the drinking of alcohol, which traditionally is simply a refreshment, not the purpose of the sport itself.

⋄ Member groups accept and welcome members from other harrier groups and honor harrier names awarded them in the past.

⋄ Member groups do not intentionally permit acts that reflect badly on the World Harrier Organization or violate this creed.

on this day of unity to all injustice in the world, let us do our part against