CFT – Fleet Feet Yokuts Park Hash 2016

dirty-feet11Left foot left foot right foot right. dirty-feet2 No we’re not talking Hillary vs Drumpf rather what Monday July 25, 2016 Hash adventures CFT has planned for us.dirty-feet10

In the hash and on the street – Feet, Feet, Feet how do we meet these many feet – Cum to Yokuts Park, off Truxtun Ave. just west of Hwy 99 to find out.dirty-feet6 Is this hash a wet food, dry foot, high or low foot? dirty-feet3Don’t know meet at 6:30 pm and $5 to find dirty-feet9 dirty-feet8But what if I’ve got slow feet, quick feet, sick feet or even tricky dickie feet. out. dirty-feet1

dirty-feet7We don’t care, we like clown feet, small feet, big feet eve fuzzy fir pig feet.  Got tired feet, we’ll stop and give you PBR and an assortment of crappy-ass to toe snacks.dirty-feet4

Map to the A at this link: ordirty-feet5 you use the secret three words