#onon Westchester Lights Run Replaced by Krumpus Parade of Freaks

krumpus1Wankers our hares know that most of you have been bad this year. In fact they lead by example, so this year we’ll have none of this fake $hit so instead embrace the depravity that is your existence.

krumpus2This first Anal Westchester Krumps run will begin at our usual ceremonial sanctum to the Helheim, The band shell at Jastro Park. 

krumpus3Our hare requests you arrive at the appointed time of sex þrjátíu Mánudagur or Monday six-thirty. Bring $7 and a flashlight.

krumpus4Harriets are encouraged to adhere to acceptable Krumps attire.

Event: Westchester Krumps Light Run
Date: Monday December 14, 2015
Time: 6:30pm
Hares: Ingrown and company
Krumps attire requested
Location: Jastro Park band shell
Link to A: Click on link and repeat the incantation three times: hook.lake.drank.