#onon #CindyTeng we missed you today. Don’t forget the ten #titpics


I didn’t know there was a hash going on yesterday…. Okay, I went to red dress once and couple hashes in Corvallis OR. I still don’t have a hasher name yet, so I might need to come up one before next hash coming up. Someone I know in the OR group is Assbag. And my real name is not Cindy…Cindy is for the purpose of privacy when I created this email…..

On Mon, Nov 9, 2015 at 9:58 PM, Harrier Webster <mailbh3> wrote:

Great run, no one died or got shot, stabbed or bitten by a wild street dog. Homeless camp under Mt Vernon bridge was full tonight. Almost lost Diamond, but don’t worry the memorial page is ready to go. Cindy Teng didn’t show up, maybe she was just lost.

Next weeks hare is yet to be named Hasher just Adam; ingrown hair has claimed West-chest-her Christmas light run; Red Dress end of June.

That’s all wankers #onon 👣👣