#onon Do You Know Cindy….Like I’d Like To Know Cindy Or Is She a Himdy????

Received the following from a Cindy Teng – there are only 1,000 on the web.

cindy teng <​xxxxxxxx
10:34 PM (34 minutes ago)

to mailbh3

I heard that you guys have hash going on in Bakersfield. Would you please include me in the list? No hasher name yet, but went to couple events in Oregon.


Thank you

Semi Virgin Hasher


​MailBH3: Cum to hash and we’ll talk. Otherwise enjoy us on FB, twatter and on the web bhhh.org


cindy teng <​xxxxxxxx
@gmail.com>​ ​
10:40 PM (33 minutes ago)

not sure where is your hash location….otherwise I will come…


MailBH3: ​www.bhhh.org​ ​
U Can Do It!!!!!!


MailBH3: OK Cindy Teng – a few questions to make sure you are not some old Russian Dude surfing the web in your underwear scratching your balls and jacking off to pictures of young Harriet’s or maybe stiff wankers.

  • Which Cindy Teng are you – See below
  • What was the name of the Hash you ran with in Oregon – (We all know each other and share a secret communication system for new and visiting hashers)
  • Where is the birthplace of Hash House Harriers (HHH)
  • What is the founding statement of HHH
  • What is the official motto of HHH
  • See the attached….look at each symbol – what do they mean, which ones are not real, give examples of others
  • Define:
  • FRB
  • DFL
  • RA
  • RU
  • Wanker
  • Harriet
  • Should be easy.
  • Hare
  • OnOn
  • What does "InterHash" mean
  • What is "Red Dress Run"

<Extra Credit>

  • What is the name of a famous HHH run in Palm Springs, CA. What is the symbolism of the name.