We Know When RU Sleeping………..

DiamonRUSad but true, there are lots of folks that are right now blue. But hey that does not have to be you

We BH3 love Christmas that is true, in fact we like it so much that we have it times two.

So don’t sit there watching us wankers go by, join the fun it’s the best thing short of getting high.

Diamond Dick is the hare, no bad considering he is a Russian Jew, but hey he’s got nothing else to do so he’s willing to spend this time with you.

So guys get your Santa gear and gals your elfin tights – Ohh Diamond has one more request of you to bring a newbie or two- your sister and/or female cousin will do.

GRSEvent:  Hagen Oaks Christmas Lights 2014
Date: Monday, Dec 22.
Normal time 6:30 p.m.
Gathering: Kaiser Permanente: 8800 Ming Avenue
See map to A:
Cost: Bring $10 for what we hope is better than $hitty Beer
PS – Bring a flashlight so you can read the friggin’ songbook.

Download XXXmas Songbook here