Tilly’s Same Ass It Ever Was Hash 2014

sameasiteverwasTilley is the Hare so you know what to expect.sameasiteverwas

Too long, too much asphalt, not enough hills, not enough beer, not enough boob checks the Hare is a big boob but that doesn’t count, what a stupid theme Hash. On after at Pizzaville on Oak St. In other words same as it ever was. Who knows I could be wrong, naaagh that’l neva happen, so see you there.


Event: Tilly’s Same Ass It Ever Was Hash 2014
Date: Monday February 24, 2014
Start is on Mosasco St, off of Rosedale hwy just past Calloway Dr, in the cully sac.
Cost: $5.00
Length: Not too long…not too short