Crocodile Done Me Hobo Hash 2014


A Hasher like a Hobo needs to know the signs. Beer Near, Turtle, On On, Boob Check. With out this knowledge you are lost and all alone.  Now we wouldn’t want that to happen now would be.

So wankers, harriett and newbies alike get a refresher course or learn them for the first time. Crocodile Done Me will serve as you mentor.  He especially likes fresh meat to sink his teeth in.  So give up your first born girl or boy  Crocodile Done Me does not discriminate.  Now since Greyhound has more security meet up at the Amtrak station on Truxton for your first lesson.

Event: Crocodile Done Me Hobo Hash and Sign Training session
Date: Monday January 13, 2014
Location: Other side of the track Amtrak station at 601 Truxton
Regular time 6:30pm.
Tuition fee: $5.00 subject to revision

See you there. On On

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