Crusty Elvis’s – Explain hash to absent and presumed dead harriett Hash 2013

ElvisExplainsBeerPerformance artist Crusty Elvis invites you to his one day one act play.  Fuget Broadway, bi-pass Hollywood, fly over Las Vegas and cum to Bakersfield to experience the one man show. SquatNSourJuggs

Be there and experience how he makes an effort to explain hash to absent and presumed dead harriett – self cuntious, ElvisHenti

describe the effort it took Squat and Hover to mouth one of sour’s jugs and give a demonstration of the emerging world of Elvis Hentai condom balloon art.

The theme is Elvis the requirement to dress up is not… be the judge.


Performance Art Event: Elvis Explains Hash 2013
When: All the time – everywhere or Monday November 25th, 2013
Performance Time: 6:30 PM Pacific – No repeat show
Venue: The Only Place in Bako People can afford to pay for art:  Kaiser Permanente parking lot at Ming across from Haggin Oaks –
8800 Ming Ave, Bakersfield, CA
Cost: $5.00
Other Notes of Interest: Bring a headlight or two Elvis likes the spotlight – don’t try to understand it and there will be no one there to explain it.


Hunna hunna onnn onnn

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