Edward Jizzerhand “Bolts to Binding” Hash 2013

Ed_JizzHand_CageBH3 Wankers and Harrietts prepared yourself for the best or worst hash in BH3 Hash history. Because Edward Jizzerhand is inviting you to his zine – the “Bolts to Binding” Hash 2013.

What might this mean? I don’t understand it? Seems like a self-destructive, consciousness-obliterating lifestyle, and little bit frightening but yet sounds fascinating!  Cum to this hash because while you might be invited…..this time….for sure you are not welcome to stay.

Hash starts regular time 6:30pm, from Bolts and Bindings at the end of Oak Street north of 24th Street. Bring $5.00 and a headlamp. Cum are you really are (lameo), this is not a theme hash Edward Jizzerhand needs no poseurs.

Event: Edward Jizzerhand  “Bolts to Binding” Hash 2013
Date: Monday November, 11, 2013
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: 2437 Oak St (north of 24th st)
Map to A: http://goo.gl/maps/W6CeE
Cost: $5.00

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