DiamonDickNotheZombieHash13BH3 Wankers,
Counter to popular belief, this week’s Hash which will be hared by Diamond Dick is not a Zombie Hash.

Let me repeat for all you low information hashers, this week’s Hash hared by Diamond Dick is not a Zombie hash. It is not going to be an event sponsored by some FOR PROFIT $40 Zombie Apocalypse tour of gullible West Coast 2 mile walker non drinkers. This is not an event sponsored, authorized nor recognized by the Bakersfield Track Club. Andy Noise is NOT going to use this as one of CTF’s or Tecno’s Marathon training sessions. Sole 2 Soul Sports Bakersfield doesn’t even know we exist so Diamond’s hash will not conflict with their next Thursday evening Zombie treasure hunt for a pair of shoe laces.

So finally, this is not a Zombie Hash. Should you come impersonating or in fact be an actually Zombie you won’t be getting any extra points from us. Now that we have this settle the following is what we know.

Diamond Dick will hare the Oct 21 run from Chuy’s Southwest, at SE corner of New Stine Rd. and Wilson Rd. Map to the start at this link:

DD has started several runs from Chuy’s in the past. If this trail is like some of his others, a compass and some Dramamine might be helpful.

Usual start time 6:30 p.m. Bring $5 for cold beer and crappy snacks. And BRING A FLASHLIGHT.


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