Volkslauf Beer Stand 2013



The govmnet might be shut down but nothing can stop the BH3 Beer Stand at Volkslauf.  No tea served here, take it like a man or lady, BEER.  See note from CTF and Techno

Hi there. Denise Haynes, chair of Volkslauf and director confirmed we can be out there Saturday. Race is at 8.  CFT and I should be out there about 6:30ish. If you tell Volunteers we are aid station and Denise said we could drive through to set up they will let you thru and allow you to park at the aid station site. There is plenty of space to park where we were last year and Denise said to set up there again.

We need:

  • Volunteers
  • Beer
  • Coolers
  • Ice
  • Table
  • Pop-up
  • Thanks,
  • TT



The VOLKSLAUF site is located on land best described as 1/2 mile north and east on Hwy 65 from the intersection of Hwy 65 and 7th Standard Rd/Merle Haggard Blvd. While some people may attempt to access the VOLKSLAUF site from Hwy 65, please understand that NO VEHICULAR TRAFFIC OF ANY KIND (except emergency vehicles) will be allowed access to the VOLKSLAUF site from Hwy 65. This is a VERY dangerous spot on Hwy 65, has no traffic control whatsoever and the potential for tragedy is overwhelming.

ALL persons (regardless of status) will enter the VOLKSLUAF site via Wings Way and Merle Haggard Blvd. Please, do not attempt to enter the VOLKSLAUF site via Petrol Rd. as that is private property and you will be trespassing.

Wings Way is the ONLY authorized access point onto and off of the VOLKSLAUF site. If you choose to take any route other than the Wings Way route onto or off of the VOLKSLAUF site, you assume all liability and responsibility attendant with such a decision.


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