South Union Hookers and Lookers Hash 2013

You know yor are near when the chicks look like they do here

You’ll know you are near when the chicks look like they do here

Ever the one to make an idolatry of the entrepreneur wanting to be free of government regulation. BH3 invites you to a celebration of capitalism’s oldest profession.

We’ve done downtown, ran the hills of the east side and Hart Park, it’s now time to tour the sight’s, sounds and yes smells of the folks (and working girls) that populate South Union.  Diablower’s will be our tour hare on this  “South Union Hookers and Lookers Hash 2013”.  To make sure we are all safe on this hash the hare will provide some protection (from the 100 degree heat-why what else were you thinking) with a large supply of $hitty beer. Salty snacks and other Dollar General snacks will be available at the On After. 

Event: South Union Hookers and Lookers Hash 2013
Date: Monday August 19, 2013
Time: 6:30pm
Location: Meet at Arturo’s aka “Conga Stuff” compound located at
500 Adams St Bakersfield, CA 93307 ‎on the corner of Adams and Shields Dr
aka the Santa Fe railroad tracks – Map to A
Cost for the full happy ending: $6.00

Word has been “put out” that the Hash is “cumming”. No need to “cum” dressed to impress just be on time so we can get “in and out” of this part of town by dark. After all people have business to attend to.  This trail will also be street walker and low rider bike friendly.  (Note:  By attending this hash you acknowledged that BH3 and or Hare are not responsible for any items that might be lost or stolen during this hash. Nor for any medical conditions that need attention because of your actions.)

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