CFT Thankful I Haven’t Run Into A Tree This Week Hash 2012

T’was several nights after Thanksgiving, but I just couldn’t sleep. I tried counting titties, I tried counting twats.

The PBR beckoned — the red and the white. But I fought the temptation with all of my might.Tossing and turning with anticipation, the thought of shitty snacks became infatuation.

So on-on I ran, until the circle I reached.
I down, down cold PBR, shitty snacks, and spray cheese.
I felt myself swelling, so plump and so round, ’til All of a sudden, my ass made a sound.
But I managed to yell, “Happy on-on to all, pass the PBR please!”

May your PBR always be cold.
May your trail always be full of shiggy.
May your snacks always be stale and shitty.

Event: CFT Daus After Thankful Hash 2012
Date: Monday November 26, 2012
Location:corner of Camino Media and Scarlet Oak (behind Marketplace).
Map to A:
Time: 6:30 PM
Cost: $6
Bring Flashlight

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