Jabba The Slut’s Epic PBR and Shots Oildale Journey 2012


In a galaxy far far far away; a desert wasteland inhabited by alien metal overloads bobbing their orders to mindless retro-evolution humanoids (Oildale) an epic journey toward PBR and Shots will occur.

Led by Hare extraordinaire Jabba The Slut – she will direct a group of mindless BH3r’s on a 5-6 mile 5 beer check loooong, hott circle jerk.  (Not that she actually laid the trail).

Bring a towel, she promises a clothing optional dip in a local Oildale cement pond. Be warned you will never know what you’ll see.

Event: Jabba The Slut’s Epic PBR and Shots Oildale Journey 2012
Date: Monday May 14, 2012
Location: 3100 Olympic Drive in lovely Oildale http://g.co/maps/98h42
Cost: Bring $7 and your appetite for PBR and Shots!

Part of the Hash will be a plotter’s trail

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