Hair of the Dog That Bit You Run/No New Year’s Resolutions 2012

Hares and Harriets:

Give up on your resolutions! You won’t keep them anyway! Give up on not smoking, losing weight, or sticking to a budget on the second day of the New Year. This is the run for you if you are trying to stop gambling or stop going to titty bars but just can’t! By all means, continue doing all those crappy things that ruin your life. Dress and act appropriately (meaning please swear, drink and smoke). Dress up:  Any resolution you have no chance in hell of maintaining. Time to stop whining and complaining that you didn’t get enough whiskey for New Year’s and cum get some more.

Event: Hair of the Dog Hash
Date: Monday January 2, 2012
Cost: $8 dollar hash run gets you a personal tour of some down-home Bakersfield seediness.
Start:  3740 Sillect Avenue –Far east parking lot.
Bakersfield, CA 93308-6369

Testicle Festival

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