Stache Hash 2011

How I wish I could grow a moustache
I’d get a good job in porn
I wouldn’t have to work hard because
the ladies would cream on their own

Oh I wish I could grow a moustache
Gay lumber jacks would take me as one of their own
I’d fell trees till dusk then
crave wood till next dawn

If I had a moustache
I ‘d always have memories at lunch
especially from previous nights
when I’d had a nice carpet to munch

But alas, I cannot grow a moustache
My Indio genes prevent me from having a stache
so I’ll just have to bring 
a fake one to Hash.

On On

Nice racks .... I mean staches -


Next run will be Nov 7. This will be a virgin lay for Marisol and her brother Marv. In keeping with their virginal ways, they have declared this to be the Cancer of the Stache 2011.

Their trail will start from the Park at Riverwalk at the usual time, 6:30. Entering the park at Buena Vista Rd. & Stockdale Hwy, go to the little traffic circle and go left, park near the covered picnic tables. Map to the run start at this link:

Other than the questionable theme, this will be a normal run. Bring $5 for the usual assortment of crappy snacks, cold beer and this week’s bonus – free Gardasil. And bring a flashlight!

Wankers, all fun aside this is a real event. So bottoms up and get you boody checked. Who knows you might even like it.  It could also save your life.   

‘Movember’ Urges Men To Grow Facial Hair, Fundraise For Prostate Cancer Awareness

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