Spazzz In Charge Of A Non-weird Hash – Now That is Weird!!!!!

SPAZZZ If ever a Hash name fit


Spazzz will start the trail from the (mostly) empty office complex at the SW corner of Noriega Rd. and Calloway Dr. in northwest Bako. Map to the A at this link (hint: NOT at a 7/11 store):,-119.110067&sspn=0.012191,0.019205&geocode=FRs-HAIdNYPm-A&mra=ls&z=16

Event: Spazz non-weird Hash

Time: 6:30

Date: Monday July 11, 2011

Earthly/mortal Cost = $5

Karma points = ~ infinity

No weird theme, no required costumes, no pledges to dubious clubs/mentalities; just show up for trail and cold beer (preferably the Hash Sacrament PBR).

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