Bringem’s Happi Coat Hash – They are ugly as $hit, we bought 30


Want one - Get one

Hey all you happi coated wankers,

It’s Bringem here with the poop on our next run, Monday, May 9th at 6:30 pm.

I’d like everyone who has a happi coat to bring them this Monday for a group picture for our web site.

If you don’t have yours yet, I’ll have the coats not delivered with me. If you didn’t order one, well you know!!

You’re $%^#ed. We’re meeting at the Cal-state parking area on Stockdale Hyway next to the bike path. That’s the long

Skinny one that runs along the road across from Cal-state. It’s suppose to cool down by Monday so I won’t make

You get wet. The trail will be approx. 3 miles with two beer checks. The cost is the standard 4 bucks and dress anyway you want.

There may be a third beer check for the Eagles if they don’t mind getting wet!!

Event: BH3 Happi Coat Hash

When: Monday May 9, 2011

Where: Parking Lot Across from Cal State Bakersfield (Stockdale Hwy & Don Hart Dr)

Details: 3 Miles, 2 beer checks, $4.00

Time: 6:30 am

On, On,



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