Ching@ de Mayo 2011

On the Mayan calender date for December 21, 2012

  • Bak’tun:   13
  • K’atun:       0
  • Tun:            0
  • Winal:        0
  • K’in:            0
  • Tzolkin Date:            4 ‘Ahaw
  • Haab Date:                3  K’ank’in
  • Lord of the Night    G9

The world is going to end. For some of you this happened last November 2008 for others April 1, 2010.  No matter, what ever your flavor of Armageddon one thing is for sure we are all screwed.  So what better thing to do than have a celebration.  So let’s get this party started early.

Thus this years theme Ching@ de Mayo, because it is never too early to get f*cked up.

Where: Panorama Drive and River Blvd Bluffs Parking Lot

Date: Monday Mayo 2, 2011

Time: 6:30 PM

Length: 3 miles 4 beer checks

Cost: $6:00 for Beer and stale salty snacks

Dress: Indian feathers, loin cloth, sacred objects or wicca wear it doesn’t matter we are all ending up in the same place.

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