Abercumonme & Bitch Just Style Hash 2011

Let me lead your way

No chinsey manufactured holiday crap, no Emo bag of shit dress up theme, no pissass creeper hash tourists – just style….your hare for this week, Abercumonme & Bitch, will lead you through the streets of East Bakersfield on a well marked (we will be the judge of that), shitty trail (we are sure of this).

Instructions, cum as best looking as you can. Don’t embarrass yourself by embarrassing me.  For you Harrietts not accustomed to going out with a guy prettier than you, in this case I’ll make an exception.  Don’t know what it’s like; just ask UDOE she has plenty of experience on how to act.  For you wankers, what can I say your screwed, however take solace that my plate is full, however there are plenty of side dishes I have only nibbled at. For you gay guys and Republican senators keep moving along there is nothing to see here.   I known your looking forward to following my lead.

The usual stuff: 3-4 miles

Date:  Monday January 24, 2011

Time:  6:30 pm

Cost:  $4

Location: Southeastern corner of the east side Target, off of Mall View Road.

Bring a flashlight

See you there you bloody wankers.


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