Time is fleeting, let BH3 Halloween madness take control

BHHH Wankers

Time is fleeting, let BH3 Halloween madness take control

From another dimension with voyeuristic intentions Ramblow is calling you to a late night downtown Bako Hash

That snake of a guy will give you the devil’s eye He will stare and you will feel a change

With a bit of a mind flip he will take you on a PBR time slip That has no meaning and never will again

Once you’re under sedation in you’re spaced out sensation he will try to drive insane

He will make you drink too those moments of blackness when the Reagan ruled the land
But listen closely, but not for very much longer Say fantasy free me!!! I’m just running for the down downs of PBR Beer
So take a jump to the left and skip going to the riiiiight

Let’s drop the Time Warp again
Let’s drop the Time Warp again

  • What “Who’s the F*&%ing Live Hare” pub crawl hash ending with a live shadow cast showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show! Cum Dressed
  • When: Saturday night before Halloween 10-30-10 at 7:00 p.m.
  • Where: 21st and Eye Street behind Dagney’s Coffee, Bakersfield CA.
  • Cost: $6.00

More:  We will have a normal on-after as usual . . . BUT . . . the doors to the Rocky Horror Picture Show Fox Theater will open at 10:00 to start virgin games with prizes and then the lips will sing at midnight.  This is a live cast with the movie in the background and PARTICIPATION is encouraged.  The cost for the show is $10.00 and if you don’t already have a dry prop bag (not required) they will be sold at the door for an additional $3.00.  You can get your tickets early (suggested) or at the door.  Give Ramblow a call if you have any questions about the event so he can remove the cause . . . But Not . .  THE SYMPTONS!

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