This is my first time – So let’s Sterotype (all) Your Heritage Run 2010

Hasher Jo wants you to Sterotype Others Heritage.  So if come as an Irish wear some boxing gloves or just run with your beer. Mexican’s come in a gardeners outfit or sombrero ect.  If your American just come ugly and ignorant that the rest of the world exist. Swede’s  come as a babe or if your a dude gay.  Brit you get to come as a dentist.

What: Insult other’s Heritage Run

Start Time: 6:30 pm, Monday September 27,  2010

Location: Pin Oak Park

Length – Beer Checks 2 1/2 miles with 5!!!!!!!! beer checks.

There will also be a game at one of the checkpoints.


I’m super excited. Hope you all you guys have fun!

Hasher Jo

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