Bri and Kim 2.0 Obey Our Rules for Labor Day Hash 2010

Obey - Cum Dressed

Cum too Bri and Kim 2.0 Virgin Lay.

In honor of Americans who actually work, unlike most of you BH3 Wankers, harrietts Bri and Kim 2.0 wish to be defloured in their virgin lay by a bunch of guys (and gals) dressed up in their finest work garb.

These wanketts will provide special gifts to talented Americans dressed up as the following professions.

  • Native American – Sorry for that little rape and pillage of your land, they are willing to have you return the favor.
  • Soldier – For your service to our country they are willing to service you.
  • Construction Worker – Sorry for the downturn in housing construction, these ladies will do all they can to lift up your spirits.
  • Cop – Officer these Harriett’s confess to j-walking last year, they will take their punishment now.
  • Cowboy – Our gals are the reasons your momma told you not to grow up to be a cowboy.
  • Biker – You’re going to need more than chaps to ride these babes for miles and mile.

Time: 1:00 pm

Date: Monday, September 6th, 2010

Location: 3531 Dundee Ct. East Bakersfield

Cost: $10 Cheap

Make sure to bring towel and bathing suit (optional for Harrietts), and be ready to compete in a post-run beer pong tourney.  Prizes for first place!!  Mrs. Doubtfire is graciously offering up his gourmet BBQ skills and personal keg so please bring a side dish of your choice and be ready to party and be labor free!

On On

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