Butt Pirate vs Gay Ninja Which Would You Rather Be (with) Hash 2010

Vicente that sly wanna be oil engineer will hare this weeks run.  Butt Pirates vs Gay Ninjas is the theme, either way they sound gay (in a happy way that is for all you  Prop 8 haters, if you supported Prop 8 – you perv what are you doing here anyway).   No one knows what it means, but then no one knows little Mexcan Vinny very well anyway, so it doesn’t matter. Where was I oh yeah.

Location: Meet at the overflow dirt parking lot at the entrance to Hart Park cumming off Alfred Harrell Highway from the Kern County Soccer Park and CALM Zoo.

Date: Monday (is a Hashing Day-read the Hymnal) August 23, 2010

Time: Regular BH3 6:30 pm

Price: $4.00 but bring more just in case.

Bring your flowery hat and frilly nickers or your silky P.Js with tiger prints and we will see you by the river.

On On

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