STFU – Getting out of Bako – Escape To Abu Dhabi

STFU will dishonorably hare the first and last “Getting out of Bako – Escape To Abu Dhabi” hash experience this cumming Monday.

Will meet in CSUB parking lot at the intersection of Bret Harte and Stockdale Highway next to Finish Line bike shop (just west of bike shop and just north of Stockdale Hwy across the street from CSUB, and next to the Kern River bike trail.

Suggest bringing older running shoes, as there will be at least one, and potentially as many as 6-12 river crossings, which will not be on pedestrian bridges or suspended petroleum pipelines. Blame Diamond Dick, who said that we had to have a river crossing, and Diablower who is partial to wetbacks and camel jockeys.

Wankers should click STFU to read and head instructions for proper wearing of arab head gear.

Wankettes should also don headgear, e.g. burkha, which can easily be done via a simple scarf a la Jackie Onasis (or Elaine in Seinfeld). No need for complete toe length outfit that might cover up non pertinent body parts.

Wankettes may also want to consider wearing knee high socks to protect their supply skin above their ankles.

Monday May 17th. Regular time 6:30 pm.  Bring $4 to this shitty event. There will have 2-3 beer checks, and will be between 2 – 3 miles, most likely 2.09 miles (legally measured without illegal electronics favored by AberCB and UDOE.

In Texas, the rallying cry was, “Remember the Alamo”.

In Bakersfield after this run, the rallying cry will become infamously known as, “Remember the Camel Toes”.
Theme song will be sung to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies:

Well then one day STFU was shooting at some food,

When up from the ground came some bubbling crude,

The kin folk said STFU, get the fuck out of here [Houston]

So he packed up the car and moved to Bakersfield.

Elk Hills that is, Buck Owens stars, unemployed eng-i-neers.

Now it’s over a year later and STFU can finally afford to buy some food,

Found himself a job in the mideast where it always gushes crude

The BH3 folks said STFU get the fuck out of here,

So he packed up his back pack and moved to Abu Dhabi,

Sand Dunes that is, camel jockeys, Billionaires.

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