Day of the Dead Run – You Know Your Going There



Join Us Now Or Join Us Later - The Choice May Not Be Yours

dead_hareThe BH3 brothers three – Mexican Humping Bean, Cumbrella and Eddie Custer will co-hare this years day of the dead – Dia de Los Muertos 2009 Hash.

The death march will begin at the north end the Mexican mini-supermarket on the corner of Columbus and River Road. The parking lot we will begin from is located of Noble and River Road. This will definitely be a theme run. Death / Muerte suggested dress includes Grim Reaper, Skeletons, Tuxedos for the ladies flowing dresses and decorated hats. Painted white face in the form of a skull almost mandatory. Anything Mexican will do, think of it as Drinko de Mayo but with white face.

* Theme for the day – muerte – death

* Colors – Got to be black

* Dress – Formal Wear (tuxedos, your best suit, ladies hats or skeletons)

* Face painting highly encouraged

Cost $5.00

Start time 6:30pm

Bring a flashlight

Bring offerings to the dead – including PBR, candles, candy

Click on graphic above  for more ideas


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