Bringem’s Rehap Reject Run – No Hope For These Wankers

BH3 Rehap Rejects

BH3 Rehap Rejects

Alright you wanks, the trail for Monday September 28th will begin in the Rosedale area just off  of Stockdale and Jewetta. We have to drink up that shitty  beer Diablower got from somewhere in Tijuana but there will be good shitty beer also. The trail will be about three miles with two beer  checks and so much fun interaction with the community.   We ought to be able to piss some body off!

I don’t want to hear that you went to the Fair or there was Monday Night  Football!!

Be there!!

Take Stockdale west from the center of town all the way out past the new park at Buena Vista to Jewetta.  Jewetta is the next light west of Buena Vista.  Turn north on Jewetta and continue a half block to Wincanton. Turn right on Wincanton and proceed thru the parking lot of the Baseball complex and go to the far north east corner of the parking lot. View Larger Map

Look for weird looking hasher types prelubing.  Remember to bring a flashlight and 4 bucks.

Your friend, Bringem.

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