TriHashlon On The Killer Kern River

.... and counting

.... and counting

This run will begin at Lake Ming Park in the first parking lot after the entrance above the lake. This run is an A to B when you arrive at the B your ass will be soaking wet, the on after will be at the B so if you want to be dry, bring your shit and it will be transported to the B at no additional charge.

The TriHashlon is 3.76 miles and includes running, swimming and floating on a Hash Yacht! Alternate routes will be available for those afraid of the water! The hashers will depart at 6:45 sharp so that the trail can be completed before dark, (another words don’t be fucking late) Bring your bathing suit, running shoes and 8 bucks.

Cumpond W invites you to participate in the Trihashlon this cumming Monday, June
8.  See instructions from the hare in his note below.

This hallowed event will start out at Lake Ming.  Map to Lake Ming at link below:,+Bakersfield,+CA&sll=35.524787,-118.964424&sspn=0.012696,0.019226&ie=UTF8&ll=35.42207,-118.900223&spn=0.097362,0.153809&z=13

Take 178 east out of town, proceed east on 178 past Mesa Marin to the
intersection of 178 with Alfred Harrell Highway.  Turn left at the light, take
Alfred Harrell to the first stop sign at Lake Ming Rd. (store and fire station
at this intersection).  Turn right onto Lake Ming Rd., after you get past the
residential area, follow the yellow brick road below to the start of the

Cost for this will be $8.


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