Bring Young New Born Baby New Years Run 2009

Who is this kid? Heck if I know or care.Greetings Wanks,

The next Hash run is Monday January 5th @ 6:30 pm. The meeting place is the covered parking lot between the Kern County Superintendent of Schools building and Herb Walkers Men’s’ Store on 17th st. One and one half blocks east of Chester. The lot is on the north side of the block, not the south side.

This a special run to bring in the new year and celebrate another year of hashing our lives away. Each of you will be hashing in the new year in a very traditional way, yes,  dressed as the new year baby. Don’t worry, you won’t be the only one dressed, all runners will be attired in the proper regalia. If you don’t have time to dress, the accoutrements will be provided for you. Stools will make sure you are properly pinned, so to speak. So bring $5 bucks and be prepared to swill some bad beer, and show bako how the Hashers deliver the new years cheer.

Your ever humble servant,

On, On, Bring Young.

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