The Obama is Going To Be Your Mama – Birthday Run

Diablower and all other secret Muslums world wide would like to extend a very happy birthday to our next president of these United States Barak Obama…is there room on Mt Rushmore for one more?

Greetings Wanks,

This weeks run will start from Yokuts Park just west of Hwy 99.

Take Truxtun west from Oak St. to Empire Dr. turn right and follow the signs
to Yokuts Park.

Go all the way to the end of the parking lot and gather for pre-lube.

This week bring a straw hat to wear and decorate to empress, why you say?

Because its summer and you need to keep your noodle from getting cooked.

This weeks run will involve more drinking and less running than last week,
why you say?

Because I’m the Hare!!!

Bring $4.00 and the straw hat, with décor, and a healthy thirst for bad

On, On.

Bring-em Young.


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