Naked (we hope) Virgin Yoga Run

Bakersfield Sunset Hasher Courtney and just Gina did not run naked and certainly aren’t virgins but we did have yoga. Courtney and Dali Yoga MILTFsBeginning at sunset Yoga Master Courtney…hared this triple 3: 3 mile circle jerk run, 3 beer checks and 3 yoga lessons.

We also want to give a big welcummed to a virgin Harriett Kelly, a Bakersfield native who is in between stops, having just cum from Ecuador and on her way to Vietnam. Some people will do anything to get out of this Bako weather.  Click on any of the pictures to link to Blooderies photo album.

Asshopper and Porno doing the Yoga lambaWankers,

Hosted by Courtney, Ty and we believe just Gina. CSUB southwest corner, Camino Media and Southwest Drive. 3-4 miles, 4 beer checks, and naked (we hope) yoga lessons on trail. Who could ask for more?

Bring $5 for this extravagina. And bring your flashlight too.


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