Limpy’s Rockin’ Rodeo Run and Princess’s Hash The Vote DocuFknmentry


I just spoke with Princess Blow Job who will be joining us tomorrow at the Hash. Well apparently he is traveling the country doing a documentary on Hashing and Get Out The Vote (GOTV) for the upcumming election. What the f*ck is hashing becoming a demographic for target by politicians. Anyway lets all be at our worst politically incorrect behavior tomorrow. By the way I was also told by Matzo of SLOH3 that we should all tell Princess it was “It’s o.k. to come out of the closet”.

On On Diablower/Fckn Jose

Hey BH3! Princess Blow Job, a friend and fellow half-mind is planning on making it to tomorrow’s hash as he passes through Bakersfield on a trip across the US.
He’s travelling in an RV and would appreciate help getting a place to park and maybe hookup (electrical you lowlife!). If you can give him hand (now stop
that!) please call him: 805-448-3499.

Next trail on Monday Feb 25 at 6:30 pm. Location is parking lot BEHIND the building formerly known as Rockin’ Rodeo. From 99 go west on Rosedale Hwy. At the next light PAST Camino Del Rio turn left into the parking lot. There is a Shell station at the intersection you will turn left at but the STREET HAS NO NAME. Go to the right behind the Building formerly known as Rockin’ Rodeo. The building has a big banner on it now which says “Harbor Freight Opening Soon”. We will meet in the parking area behind the building. Bring $4.00 and a Flashlight. The hare (Limp Noids) will give you further instructions there.


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